The judiciary in Vermont has given the most notorious drug dealer of Grand Isle County another pass

NORTH HERO – The judiciary in Vermont has given Grand Isle County’s most notorious drug dealer another pass. Michael V. Larrow Sr., 65, was facing a possible life sentence as a habitual offender for two latest felony convictions — heroin trafficking and fentanyl trafficking – in Grand Isle County in 2020 and 2021. Instead of prison, Vermont Superior Court Judge Sam Hoar Jr. said he thought placing Larrow on state probation for up to four years would be enough to lower the boom on the five-time convicted felon and longtime local businessman. Grand Isle County State’s Attorney Doug DiSabito had requested 15 years to life on each of the felony trafficking crimes and that the sentences be consecutive to provide 30 years to life sentence. He also asked for a $20,000 fine. Hoar imposed a pair of suspended 2-to-5-year prison terms to be served consecutively. The net effect was 4-to-10 years all suspended and placed Larrow on probation. It was unclear how serious the supervision Larrow will receive from Vermont Probation and Parole. There are no probation officers known to be living in Grand Isle County and his supervision will be through the St. Albans office, which is about 35 miles away. Hoar also imposed 200 hours of community service over the next two years and waived any fines.