Longtime leader Betsy Hansberger is retiring

FRANCONIA — Longtime leader Betsy Hansberger is retiring as leader of the Good Neighbor Franconia Food Pantry at the end of the year. “We are reaching out to the community, looking for leadership,” stated Marsha Luce of Franconia Community Church (FCC), where the pantry is located. Interested parties may contact Luce at office@franconiachurch.org. Located at FCC, the pantry has been in operation for over 20 years and is run by Hansberger with the support of the church’s Missions Board. “I hate to leave. I love these people, but due to age, I think it’s time for someone else to take over,” Hansberger said. “Betsy has volunteered her time, along with her husband Ernie, for over 15 years, has led the Food Pantry for over eight years and is exceptional in her leadership,” stated Marsha Luce, Missions Board chair. The pantry had surplus funds two years ago, but donations have since been down by two-thirds, and “the drop in donations has depleted our resources,” Luce said. “Food at the NH Food Bank is not plentiful. At one time, we received 90% of our food from them at almost no cost.” That situation has changed. “We have been having to purchase food,” she said. “We cannot get produce or meat on a regular basis. We rely on weekly donations from farms, dairies and local markets.” The Good Neighbor Franconia Food Pantry serves 50+ families each week. A total of 56,100 pounds of food are distributed annually to its clients.