There was a gunshot in the Caledonia County Courthouse

There was a gunshot in the Caledonia County Courthouse. Caledonia County Deputy Sheriff Joseph Hensel fired a round into the floor of the security office near the front door. “There was a negligent discharge at the courthouse,” said Sheriff James Hemond. “He was removing the gun from the holster, he was manipulating the safety. He was manipulating the holster with his hand on the duty weapon, and he did pull the gun far enough up where his finger was on the trigger, and he did discharge a round into the floor. Nobody was injured. He was alone in the security room and he was sitting at the desk.”The incident occurred at 9:51 a.m., Tuesday morning. The St. Johnsbury Police Department is doing the investigation and the shot went through the holster and the chair and into the floor. Deputy Sheriff Hensel is now on administrative leave pending the investigation.