the North Country Health Consortium is rolling out New Hampshires first vending machine

To combat drug overdoses that remain at high levels from the opioid crisis, the North Country Health Consortium is rolling out New Hampshire’s first vending machine that will carry Naloxone, the anti-overdose agent administered through the nostrils to reverse respiratory shutdown instantly. The machine comes less than two months after the Littleton School District allowed Naloxone, also called Narcan, to be more widely accessible in schools beyond just the nurse’s office. This followed a “save a life” presentation in early February by Littleton Police Chief Paul Smith and Littleton Fire Rescue Chief Chad Miller. The consortium’s initiative is the newest installment of the Save-One-Life campaign and part of the consortium’s AskPETRA program. The no-cost vending machine will be unveiled at 2 p.m. on April 9 during a ceremony at the consortium’s location at the Mt. Eustis Commons building at 262 Cottage St. in Littleton.