Murder suspect Michael Ringuette, tied to Israel Lugos case, released from jail

One of the suspects in the murder of Israel Lugo was released from jail. Michael Ringuette, 55, of St. Johnsbury, was charged in January with burglary into an occupied dwelling, 2nd-degree unlawful restraint and aiding in the commission of 1st-degree murder. Ringuette was then held without bail. But on Monday, a deal was announced in Caledonia Superior Court that allowed Ringuette to leave jail without paying his bail until August 25th. Ringuette is accused of taking part with others in an attempt to steal drugs from alleged drug dealer Lugo at his Hastings Hill apartment in December of 2022. But the plan went bad, and Lugo was shot to death – allegedly by Rafael J. Rodriguez, 34, of St. Johnsbury. The bail was set at $10,000. But because it was a “secured bail,” Ringuette would only have to pay ten percent ($1,000) by Aug. 25.