2024 is underway with a not-too-distant cleanup of Bethlehem village Sinclair Lot

2024 is underway with a not-too-distant cleanup of Bethlehem village’s “Sinclair Lot” to support the community’s next phase of mixed-use development. The cleanup on a 4.8-acre parcel that was once home to the grand Sinclair Hotel before the hotel was destroyed by fire in the late 1970s is spearheaded by the nonprofit Bethlehem Reimagined Inc. (BRI). The process will involve the removal of lead and asbestos contaminants that leached into the ground from the fire. On Tuesday, BRI Development LLC, a subsidiary of BRI, announced the selection of the Brownfields construction contractor for the job, Brighter Horizons Environmental Corp. (BHE), of Ayer, Mass., and Nottingham, N.H. BHE, specializing in disposal and transportation services, partners with private and public entities to remediate and restore contaminated sites. Its representatives said BHE has the construction project management experience to support the safe removal, transportation, and disposal of soils and sediments that contain heavy metals, petroleum, and various other contaminants of concern.