Littleton Water and Light electric rates are going back down

Littleton Water and Light electric rates are going back down. On Monday, LWL announced that effective Oct. 1, electric rates on average, will decrease by about 20 percent, or more than 3 cents per kilowatt hour across all electric rate schedules. A residential electric customer who uses 600 kilowatt hours of power each month will see a decrease of more than $20 each month. The savings is generally attributed to LWL realizing lower costs for its default power supply (purchase power supply) from the New England market. In 2022, LWL was forced to raise electric rates to counter unprecedented spikes in the natural gas prices as global demand (energy supply) and other geopolitical influences pushed prices to historical highs. As a result of the region experiencing a milder-than-normal winter, natural gas and energy prices generally have stabilized, and prices did not react as the speculators predicted. These lower market prices afforded suppliers the ability to replenish their reserves before going into this winter, which ultimately led to lower electric prices being passed on to all ratepayers.