A woman from New York suffered minor injuries

A woman from New York suffered minor injuries when the vehicle she parked in Barton to watch the eclipse was struck by a passing train. Virginia Sullivan, 68, of Fresh Meadows, N.H., was taken to North Country Hospital after the crash. Investigating Vermont State Trooper Logan Miller described her injuries as minor. Sullivan had parked a 2020 Ford Explorer near the intersection of Eastern Avenue and High Street. Also parked there was an unoccupied 2022 Jeep Wagoneer and an unoccupied 2011 Toyota Prius. Investigation determined that as Colby Miles, 31, of Keene, N.H., was operating the Vermont Rail System’s locomotive about 3:30 p.m. it first struck the Prius damaging the side mirror and then struck Sullivan’s Explorer while she was sitting inside it. The impact pushed the Explorer into the Wagoneer, damaging the Jeep’s front bumper and grill. The Explorer’s damages included the front passenger side wheel/quarter panel and rear bumper/lift gate. A ticket was issued for parking close enough to the tracks to impede train travel.