The Planning Board on Feb. 6 adopted a CIP to aid with long-term planning

WHITEFIELD — The Planning Board on Feb. 6 adopted a 2024-2029 capital improvement plan (CIP) to aid with long-term planning. The six-year CIP would reduce the annual tax impact of capital spending by 15 percent from the previous CIP. The non-binding, 95-page capital improvement plan schedules items so that costs are spread over time and do not overburden taxpayers in one particular year. It defines “capital improvement” as (1) expenditures of $10,000 or more, (2) having a useful life of at least three years, or (3) purchases that require or utilize bond financing. The CIP was established in 2008 and is updated every six years. A seven-member committee formed in March 2023 drafted the latest update.