“Big Bertha” has been sold

LITTLETON — “Big Bertha,” the 1931 LaFrance fire engine that was the first of its kind in New Hampshire and had been owned by the town for nearly eight decades, first for firefighting and then for parades and events, has been sold. One selectman, not happy with the sale that occurred about a month ago by the truck’s subsequent owner, the nonprofit Eureka Hose Co., said Bertha represents a large part of Littleton’s history and he wants her back. On Friday, Bertha’s new owner, David Houghton, a firefighter and vintage vehicle restorer from Moultonborough who for the latter half of 2020 served as interim chief for Littleton Fire Rescue, said Bertha will undergo a restoration and his goal is to have her available for Littleton parades and functions and ultimately back in town hands.

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