Dalton voters will decide another petitioned article

At town meeting on March 14, Dalton voters will decide another petitioned article — to consider bringing back the municipal police department that they voted to eliminate in 2020. The petition, which, according to the Jan. 23 Select Board meeting minutes, was submitted by resident Scott Kleinschrodt, reads, “To request the selectboard to hold a series of open, public meetings to gather community input into crime and public safety in Dalton and to explore potential alternatives for law enforcement, including a dedicated Dalton town police officer or officers.” In March 2020, residents voted 47-10 to support a warrant article asking them to disband the town police department and contract with New Hampshire State Police to conduct regular patrols and non-emergency calls, in addition to emergency coverage, and pay for the coverage with what had been a $15,000 annual police department operating budget. The Dalton Police Department was eliminated after several previous proposals to eliminate it were rejected.